Editing Services


Thank you for taking the time. Welcome to Luis Gonzalez Productions.

Luis Gonzalez Productions have been in existence for the past four years. While we are committed to offering you the best, you should rest assured that we do all types of photography and video editing. More importantly, we'll stop at nothing to give you the very best.

We pride ourselves on being the leading company in post-production photo and video editing services.

LIGHTROOM EDITING $0.75 to $1.00 | Per image

        Color Adjustments

         Light Adjustments

          Skin Corrections

          Cropping Horizon

        Black & White effects

       Straightening  of photos

     Photos edited to your style

RETOUCHING $4.00 to $6.00 | Per image

Blemish removal

Acne Removal

Skin Smoothening

Teeth Whitening

Glare Removal

Red Eye Effect Removal

Object Removal

VIDEO EDITING $300 to $500

Highlight of 3-6 minutes

Full Movie of 30 minutes -1 hour

Footages will be

Color grade

Cleaned up

Audio Synchronized

Video to be sent in the format of your choosing

We love to hear from you, let's make stories together.